SATURDAY morning... Lycée Langevin's carpark... not a usual day to be at school in France!!! 7 French students, 3 English teachers, a technician, the headmaster and his wife are ready to hit the road!!! Where are they headed to? Diyarbakιr!!! But where is this far off city? you may wonder. Well, let us tell you all about this great human adventure.

Here we are (Valentin, Arnaud, Félicia, Adélie, Pierre, Sylvain, Michaël and Mrs Jilliot)...Travelling light! But where are Mrs Lerey and Mrs Bart?

“Will the plane leave on time?” wonders Mr Ripart, our headmaster.


A quick stop at Istanbul, to change planes...

... and to meet our Slovak partners and their leaders... Mr Verný (headmaster), Mrs Andrea Kozubíková, Mrs Denisa Slavkovská, Mr Rudolf Plšík and their students.
,here we come!!!

“Nice to meet you Çiçek” “Here are some flowers for you Adélie!”

"What a huge suitcase, Crystel!"

"Look Eddy, here are Mr Burhan Dalçin and Mr Sekan Şimşek!"


Rudolf Plšík is in a hurry to meet his students to hear about their first experience with their Turkish partners.

Here we are... eager to tell our teachers everything!!!

"Miss, Miss, do you know what we had for dinner???"

We are eager to discover the city and all its treasures.

Our first visit : Diyarbakιr inner castle.

Let us introduce you to Hatice, Anna, Anetta, Elif, Mazlum, Michaël, Pierre, Valentin, Félicia, Oğulcan and Ferhat...

... Martina, Nupelda, Dilan, Esin, Lenka.

And have you met our teachers Denisa Slavkovská, Andrea Kozubíková, Havin Baran and Crystel Lerey? They seem very happy to meet again.

This is Hasan Pahsa Inn where Rasto, Mrs Kozubíková, "Walentone" and Mrs Slavkovská became real stars!

We're in Turkey, not in Egypt!

Don't sulk Mrs Jilliot!...

... The rain will be over soon!

Yes, we're going to the Great Mosque Mrs Lerey! You have to get ready...

Ah That's better! Mr Abdullah Hasar is making sure everything is perfect!

Tuba and Nupelda are looking after Anna, Barbora, Anetta, Mrs Kozubíková and Pierre attending a prayer for the first time in a mosque.

Then we walked around the Four-Footed Minaret... Hopefully our wishes will come true!

Time for lunch! Oh, this looks different! Yummy! Our first Kebab!

A Music Show at The House of Dengbej: a unique experience!

Tired? "Luckily for us, they make stools in here!" say Adélie, Mazlum, Oğulcan, Félicia, Martina, Dilan and Rasto.

At the Gazi Pavillion, in front of Atatürk's statue...

Our teachers are kindly watching us...

And that's what a Comenius project looks like!


Our lovely hostess, Havin Baran... And French Marines from Toulon Harbour attending the conference at Cιgerxin Culture Centre...

... followed by a very official lunch with Diyarbakιr governor.

Eddy, Mrs Jilliot, Mrs Lerey and Mrs Bart on The Ten Eyed Bridge

But... They are not alone!!!

We need to keep fit! What are you playing? Volleyball or basketball?


Today we went to our Turkish partners'school: Nafiye Ömer Şevki Cizrelioğlu Lisesi.

Mr Hasar addressed all his students like every morning. It was impressive!

Time to work! Everything is not pleasure only!

"Matej! You have nice bodyguards!"

"What are you working on? The DVD, the dictionnary or the website?"

Mr Hasar, the Turkish headmaster is at work too!
For lunch the parents had prepared a traditional meal which we particularly enjoyed!!!!

... Apparently the headmasters really appreciated it too!
Thank you so much, dear parents, for this unforgettable moment!

Eğil: Mr Ripart is on the phone, worried : "Mrs Lerey, are the two boys with their feet hanging in the void ours???"

What a crowd!!! Even the parents joined us today!

Filip and Mrs Jilliot: the difference is not only cultural!

Some people are lazy... but really enjoying it!

Let's go for a cruise on the Tigris River!

What a great place for traditionnal dances!

This one looks a bit more complex!

Parents and leaders also seem to be having fun!


Boats are not the only places where we dance in Turkey... Buses are great for that too!

"Andrea, what do you think of belly dancing?"

Today we visited Midyat.

What a charming place for a cup of tea!

"Hey boss, can we have a photo with you?"

Even harder than learning English, the Turkish version of the musical chairs!!!

Eddy is there alright, but where have all the "boys" gone?

Then we went to Mor Gabriel Monastry...

... where we all religiously listened to our guide in the church...

... he was helped by Leïla, an English teacher at a neighbouring school, who kindly guided us for a few days.

Lunch on the Tigris River in Hasankeyf, beyond imagination!

Pierre, Michaël and Mr Ozan Sezik seem to appreciate this moment!

We even came across a few coyboys and girls!!!

Some shade at last!!!

How could we NOT admire the landscape?

Can we stay a little longer, miss?

Well, no, unfortunately we have to go.


Deyr'ul Zafaran Monastry
"What on earth is this?" says Mrs Kozubíková.

Lady photographers

Turkish male staff making sure everything is working smoothly.

Visiting staff, meditating!

Yes, we did work...

... and still had great fun!

Family picture!

The Antique City Of Dara

Remains of the past

International friendships


Eating again!

Sun worshippers digesting outside the Museum of Sakιp Sabancι.

Local piece of art?

Even the local shop keepers benefited from our project... having their product description translated.

On our way to the Museum of Mardin


On Friday, we all had the opportunity to attend a few classes with our partners.

Then we had workshops on the project.

And our leaders had a last meating in Mr Hasar's office.

We spent the afternoon walking on the walls.

Hurry up teachers, you're going to miss the dance at the Goat Tower!


Unfortunately everything comes to an end!!! Today we are going back home...

Well, we'll try to... Our Turkish partners don't seem to be willing to let us go!!!

Our last picture as a group!

Bye Diyarbakιr! We all hope to come back some day!