THE CONFERENCE viewed by the Turkish

The conference started at nine a.m. on the 9th of November. Mrs. Andrea Kozubíková gave a speech to introduce the project and the first mobility. Concerning the first mobility, the headmaster of the Slovak school, Mr. Ján Verný welcomed us and gave a brief but warm speech. He expressed his feelings about having such a good partnership and project. All the partners and their students were excited to present their introduction, so Mrs Kozubíková calmed people down and advised them to relax and have a nice time.

At the beginning, the Slovak students introduced their country in general. We were informed about Slovakia, their region, native language, culture, traditional food, their central geographical position of in the centre of Europe.

Slovak students wearing traditional clothes performed their traditional folk dance accompanied with traditional music.

After the performance, the host students introduced Poprad, its population and its history. Poprad is one of the most important cities in eastern Slovakia with over 55,000 inhabitants. We learnt that Poprad, one of Slovakia's more important mid-sized cities. It is situated near one of the numerous national parks of Slovakia, in fact, Slovakia's best-known national park: the High Tatras National Park located north of Poprad.

The Slovak partner presented their school. They gave us some information about the buildings of the school, the history, the number of the students and so on…

We were presented a modern dance show which had been prepared by the Slovak students. After that performance, they gave a theatrical performance about the interesting legend of Elizabeth Batry.

After a break, Turkey presented their power point presentations about their country, Diyarbakιr and their school. The Turkish students mentioned general information about their country such as the geographical importance of the country, its population, currency, historical heritages, culture, Turkish cuisine, natural beauty, indoor and outdoor museums.

They introduced their city, Diyarbakιr, in terms of antiquity, its history, tradition, historical heritages, castles and caves, handicrafts. At the end of their presentation, they presented their school, pupils, buildings and history of the school. The Turkish guests gave their presents which symbolized their city and country. They served their famous Turkish Delights to the guests.

Before the French students started their presentation they performed a dance show to introduce their country. They described their country concerning with its geography, beautiful beaches, natural beauties, history, castles and caves, traditions and French cuisine. They presented some legends that are best known in France.

After their lively performance, they acted out the traditional French stereotypes. They introduced their school, buildings, daily routine at school and their friends. They served their traditional cakes and biscuits to the guests and gave some presents to the host partner, Slovakia.

We all partners together took some pictures after the conference and went out for lunch.