Today the Slovaks and the Turks arrived at Nice airport.

The Slovaks

The Turks

Welcome to Provence!


After their journey our guests were in need of a good breakfast so the school organised a typical French one with viennoiseries and hot drinks.

"Bon appétit!"

"I really needed a good coffee!" says Sekan the Turkish teacher.

After breakfast the students attended a presentation about the French school system and visited the lycée.

Enes and Ferhat saw how the French learn chemistry.

While some were busy working, others were enjoying the sun outside the lycée!

Our first group photo at La Seyne harbour waiting for the boat that took us across the harbour of Toulon.

French, Turkish, Slovak... Who is who???

"Lou Merou's here, all aboard everyone!!"

Luckily the weather was good and nobody was seasick!

A photo with the statue of Cuverville

In the cable car on Mount Faron, it was a rather bumpy ride!

Look out for the evil red haired-monkey!

At the top of Mont Faron

Denisa, the Turkish headmaster and his wife

The ladies topped it all!


Lourmarin, here we come!

The whole Comenius team

The Slovak Team

The Turkish Team

The Slovak Team

Look at all these happy faces!

Living the good life!

"Lunch time! Hurry up!" "Follow me... I know a shortcut!"

L'Oustalet, a genuine Provencal restaurant.

It was delicious!

Andrea, Sekan and Havin

The lady teachers Denisa, Sandrine Bart, Andrea and Elisabeth Jilliot.

Ozan and Crystel Lerey... Now you've met all our teachers!

On our way to Camus's grave

"What a long day it's been!"


Walking up to the caves of Villecroze while enjoying the beautiful scenery

In the cave's main room

Çiçek, Ruken, Félicia, Mia, Marie, Elodie and Adélie

"Let us out!!!"

The teachers

Another group photo

A picnic lunch in the garden

Julien, Thibault, Mazlum, Ferhat, Arnaud and Enes
In the afternoon we went to Entrecasteaux to visit the Castle.

An improvised game of football after lunch

Lisa, Coraline and Marie joined us for the day. It was great to see you again girls!

Martina and Jerguš in the castle garden

Félicia, Adélie and Arnaud reading their presentation

Ready for an evening's bowling at the Bandol bowling alley!

Lívia and Zuzana

Ráchel, Barbora and Dominika


Better luck next time Mia!


As the students of Lycée Langevin put an end to their weekend by going to lessons this morning, we head for Sainte Anne d'Evenos. Take out your old clothes and helmets, this morning we're potholers!

"You look fantastic with your helmet" says Sekan Şimşek to his student Elif Erdem!

There is the spirit in all of us! Christian Guéguen (the French deputy headmaster) Thierry Suc (PE teacher) Jean-jacques Veux (Industrial Maintenance teacher) and members of Ollioules Potholing Association will be our guides today!

"No, no, no pleeeaaaase, I don't want to go!" Ozan Sezik, the music teacher says.

Humm, It's seems that Mrs Lerey, the English teacher has an idea!

"Oh my!!! Nobody told me we were supposed to go underground!"

Mazlum, Jerguš, Ruken and Çiçek seem very concentrated on the explanations given by our guide … but what about Lívia?

When Ráchel meets up with her wild side!

The music teacher is ready!

Félicia, Marie and Mia : the last three French survivors...

"I'm telling you.... We're gonna get stuck!!!"

"Now! How about learning a typical French game?"
" Did you say "French"? Pétanque is a Provencal game!!!"

Ok, that's what you should do... Throw the bowl...

... like that...

... or like that...

... I love your technique Mazlum!

... and try to come as close to the jack as possible.

"Mazlum: one point!"

"Hey! We've got a specialist here! Not bad Enes!"

Barbora in action!

"Tu tires ou tu pointes?" "Are you going to throw or to roll the bowl?"
It sounds better in French... with the Provencal accent!!!

"Try somewhere over here!"

And after the effort, relaxation! A nice picnic at fort Pipaudon!

When French people get hungry, they can be very dangerous! Poor Arnaud!

Without Félicia and Mia, we would still be at the top of Fort Pipaudon... "Pleaaaaaaaase, pleaseeee, don't leave me behind!!!"

A trip by truck!

A little break during the visit of the Castle ruins and the medieval village of Evenos. We keep the rhythm together!

Learning typical Turkish dances...

... "Shaemmame , shaemamme!"...

... And the Slovak version of "head & shoulders knees & toes"!

Are you tired teachers?!

How about learning the "Pilou Pilou"? It's Toulon's Rugby team's anthem!

Now we must make ourselves beautiful. Girls take out your dresses and your high-heels and boys your shirts and your ties. It's time for the conference at the school canteen.

Martina, Ráchel, Lívia, Zuzana, Barbora & Jerguš

Barbora, Martina & Lívia at the conference!

We are all stars, so famous!

Provencal funny dances!

Elif, Havin and Sekan take a bow.

"Oh my dear Havin, you're too kind, you shouldn't have but I'll take it anyway!" says Mrs Lerey.

Departure by bus at eight o'clock from Lycée Langevin towards Aix en Provence and Tarascon. Today we're visiting of a Santon shop and then Tarascon.

"What about a picnic next to the river before the visit the Castle of Tarascon and the "Cloitre des Cordeliers?"

"CHEEEEESE !" say Ruken, Adélie, Marie, Çiçek, and Zuzana.

"Hey I want to be in this photo!!!!" says Ozan.

Ruken, Félicia, Çiçek and Zuzana

Playing American football on the river side… "What's wrong Henry?"

Adélie and Çiçek

"Heeeey, Thibault, Henry! Can you see the castle over there?"

Now let's visit King Rene's castle... And listen carefully to the guide!

You are in a war scene!

"Fascinated Mrs. Jilliot?"

"Follow the guide!"

"Where are the toilets pleeeaaaase?!"

"Wake up Yohann!"

"Not me!!! I haven't done anything!" says Mazlum.

But where is Daudet???

It's at 9:30, a little later that usual. We meet in Sanary in order to enjoy the sun and the smell of fresh food at the Provencal market place.

Three handsome guys in Sanary market!

Where is Mrs. Jilliot? Probably still shopping!

The shopping made us hungry so everybody let's go to the "Crêperie de la Baie" where good crêpes are awaiting us! To tell you the truth, WE are actually the ones awaiting for!

"We're hungryyyyy!"

"We're very hungryyyy too!"

"We're very very hungryyyy!"

"Please, give us food, pleeeaaaase!"

We are stuffed and ready for a walk along the sea from Port D'Alon to Bandol!

Where are our students?"

The Turkish Power team!

French Power, but without their Mac and translator Henry!

"Don't dive!"

The F.A.M².E. team!

So much sun, so much sea, so many closed eyes … Come on boys, smile!

THURSDAY: The Last Day.
Now let's move onto serious things, we are not on holiday!
8:30 Everybody is at the Cafeteria of Lycée Langevin awaiting the teachers (who are late!). Thank you Mr Ripart for the breakfast!

Hard, hard work!

Work is over, now we can rest... Although not completely... A few hours by bus and on foot to reach the cave of La Sainte Baume!

Slovak team power!

The last journey by bus together. (Jerguš & Adelie)

Mia, Thibault, Félicia and Marie seem very tired by this busy week. Ahhh, those French people!

The Last evening at Marie's house!

"Félicia give me the Coke please!"
"Sorry, I'm busy Adelie!"

Marie, Elodie, Mia, Félicia, Ruken, Çiçek, Suzanna and Klaudia having dinner.

"Keep smiling, we'll see you in Slovakia!"

FRIDAY MORNING it's the end of a week that went too fast... It's with a lot of memories, friends and knowledge that the Turks and Slovaks return to their countries and that we French return to our old habits. We kiss, promise to see each other again and say goodbye.