This morning, the 10 French students and 2 teachers involved in the Comenius Project are ready to meet their Slovak and Turkish friends in Poprad, Slovakia.

Who is afraid of flying?

Welcome to Prague!

There isn't a connecting flight before tomorrow! Too bad now we have to visit this European capital!!!




This is a beautiful city with an excellent weather. There are a lot of places to visit so let's start with the Royal Castle.

Mrs Bart leads the tune...

Some of us were enlightened!


A little rehearsal for our conference... What do you think of our new classroom?

What pyramid is this? The Louvre's ? No, Marriott's!

After this nice meal at the airport, let's go to Poprad!

The weather is a little bit different from La Seyne Sur Mer's with its 27 degrees.


Some students meet their friends for the first time, others are already old friends!

Lenka and Mert

Anna introducing Çiçek to her sister


Let's go for our first visit : Spiš Castle.

Adélie finds the weather too windy, Mrs Bart finds it too cold... "Are you sure we're not in Greenland? Hum... Filip and Arnaud have found a better spot, it's protected from the wind!"

Baver, Lenka, Mert, Çiçek and Rozerin

"Where have all the French gone?"
"Go and take a look in the torture room!"

The torture room: Arnaud volunteered to die... his executioner doesn't look that cruel!

Our teachers in the exhibition of the castle : Miss Havin Baran, Mrs Beatá Taylorová (headmistress), Mrs Andrea Kosubíková, Mrs Denisa Slavkovská and Mr Sekan Şimşek.

On the left : the Turkish students with their teacher
On the right : the Turkish and the Slovak leaders

In Levoča we had a "parliament session"!

While we are taking our oaths...

... our aristocrats debate and try to remain serious.

"We love this clock!"

"Thibault! It isn't the right place for a nap!"

Wonderwoman and Superman!

Today is "Conference Day". We need to rehearse one more time...  

One last piece of advice...

... One final check...

... One last "secret" rehersal...

... One more meeting...

... The room is crowded... The show can start!

"Guys! I'm note sure it's the right time for a picnic!"

We are eager to share and present to our friends and all our guest what we have been working on for so long...

The Turkish dance

The Slovak song

And the French song (We DO look "EXCITED")

Now it's present time. Mrs Beáta Taylorová looks moved to receive the present from Mrs Havin Baran and Mr Abdulah Hasar.

Mrs Lerey and the French students

The Turkish Team

Çiçek, Anna, Barbora, Martin, Rozerin, Klaudia and Anna

Mert, Adélie and Baver

Çiçek, Rozerin and their "Slovak mothers"!

Zuzana, Havin, Ráchel and Barbora

Julien, Havin and Arnaud

And now what about a buffet? "Thank you dear parents!!!"


A very tiring walk to go to Dobšinská Ice Cave, but we know it will be worth it!

Zuzana, Lenka and Barbora

It's absolutely beautiful but cold and very slippery.

The Turkish students

Lívia, Ráchel and Roman

After the impressive Dobšinská Ice Cave we are given the chance to visit this unique cave : Ochtinská Aragonite Cave.

Mind your neck!
And now let's go to Domica Cave.

"No Martin, you can't fly!"

"Who knows how to play this instrument?"

...But you may row your boat!"
"Who is sea-sick apart from Julien?"

"Once upon Europe...

... There were a Prince and his Princess..."

Tonight, it's Goulach night! Thank you so much Zuzka for having us at your garden house!

Zuzka, Olivier, Maroš, Sekan and Andrea

A new cook!

This project is about Caves and Castles but today let's do something slightly different. First we will discover the Red Cloister.

"But where are the monks?"

Apparently they have been petrified somewhere along the Dunajec River separating Slovakia from Poland... Let's see if we can find them.

"Let's go rafting, the weather is so beautiful!"
"Are you sure this boat will hold ?"

"Hi there! Who are you? A new rafter? I've never seen you here before!"

"Who knows!!!!!"

"Thibaut! Wake up!"

"Who said it was sunny????"

"Look! It's snowing now!"

"If you take a close look at this clif, maybe you'll see the petrified monks"

We got here safe and sound!

"I think I know you from somewhere!"

"Let's jog back to the bus" "Hum... Not everybody's that sporty!"

"Oh my! Where are my passengers???"

Some people call them "The sleeping Beauties of Comenius"!
And now, after this boat tour, let's visit Strážky Manor House.

Look, the group is way ahead of you, you are going to get lost!

"Hum... a guided tour in Slovak! I'm not sure I can understand much! Thank you Andrea for the translation!"

Jergus to Martina and Dominika : "I'm sure this picture will be awesome for the DVD!"

Anna to Klaudia and Anna : "Maybe this one could do the trick too!"


This morning we were to get up at 3!!! We had a long way to go to Bratislava. But first a little detour by Devín!

"Girls, you must give up cartoons!"

Rain, cold, wind, no roof, the day isn't starting very well!

After a little lunch in a typical Slovak pub (and with a delicious garlic soup!) we can go ... shopping in Bratislava main street! But, where are the others? Maybe at the Castle? Shall we check?

"Who jumped?"


The castle is closed! Too bad! So we should take a look at this exhibition...

Gold, silver and diamond it's splendid!

And now the old town of Bratislava where we lost the Slovak group!


Today, we are given a chance to observe lessons. This is a very special project, Turkish and French students look very enthusiastic to discover new teaching methods. And so does M. Héry!

Now let's have lunch at the canteen... Yummy!

And have some free time!!!!!

... for a volleyball game...

... and a disco...

... "YMCA!!!"


It looks like our teachers are ploting something!!

Thank you for your translation Andrea! Slovak is a difficult language for us to fully enjoy Krásna Hôrka Castle.

"What's this sound???"
"Oh my!!! The alarm went off! Quick! We are late!"

"Who wants to drive?"

"Why are only a few people looking at the mummy (on the right)?"

One more long and tiring day!!! But it's not over yet!

Before leaving Krásna Hôrka, we need to take a look at the mausoleum of the Andrássys.

Guess what! This 19th century castle in Betliar also belonged to the Andrássys! Impressive from the inside as from the outside!

I think we have lost somebody. They probably feel like staying here!


It's time to say good bye to our host families and to leave Poprad...

One last hug!

Raphaëlle, Roman, Lívia and Mia

One last photo...

Fortunately we're not going very far... Krakow : Here we come! And why not start our visit by... a castle?! We have a little time before our flight!

And guess what?! Some of our Slovak friends accompanied us!!

Mia, Marie, Elodie, Raphaëlle, you can smile!

At night, Krakow is absolutely beautiful!

Not time to go to bed yet! We still have some work to do on the website!

It's the end of this project, so now let's go home!

Dear Slovak and Turkish friends, we'll never forget you!