Cotignac is located in Provence, against a rock to the north and along a little stream, la Cassole that falls from a 10 metre-high waterfall.
Above the village there is a cliff made of a long bar of tufa (80m high, 400m long) with multiple caves filled with enormous stalactites, some of which are now inhabited. There is also a swallow hole named "The room of marvels". It's 50m deep with over 200m of corridors and a very large room of dazzling white concretions. A little further is located the abyss "des Trompines" where the water from Saint Martin spring falls.

For the Catholic Church Cotignac is a unique Place. Indeed, the Church has acknowledged two apparitions of the Virgin Mary and one apparition of Saint Joseph:

On the 10th and 11th of August 1519, a lumberjack called Jean de la Baume saw the Virgin Mary appear with the baby Jesus in her arms surrounded by Saint Bernard de Clairvaux and the archangel Michael. They asked him to build a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, "Notre Dame des Grâces", which now dominates the right bank of the river from the mount Verdaille. After the visit of Louis XIV and his mother, Anne of Austria it became for some time the aim of a very famous pilgrimage. Indeed people believed it could put an end to women's sterility.
On the 7th of June 1660, a thirsty young shepherd called Gaspard Ricard saw Saint Joseph who showed him a spring under a rock. The rock is so heavy that 8 men could barely lift it. How could Gaspard do it on his own? But St Joseph insists: "Lift this rock and you will drink." The shepherd obeys. He lifts the rock and discovers really fresh water. He drinks greedily. When he looks up, the apparition is gone. He runs towards the village to tell all his fellow-villagers who rush towards the indicated spot. There, 3 hours after the event, on the slope of the Bessillon, in a place known by everyone as extremely dry, a spring of abundant water in running. The monastery of St Joseph du Bessillon was built on the spot and is still visited by many pilgrims.