After a workshop in the morning to prepare the conference, Slovak, Turkish, and French students joined in Poprad theatre to present their country as well as the result of these two years of collaboration. The parents were invited and so was Poprad TV.

First of all, Lívia gave us some information about the origins of this project.

The Slovak presentation could begin, just after that Jerguš explained to the public, the development of the conference: three students, one Slovak, Jerguš, one Turkish, Baver and one French, Adélie, are in a hot air balloon and go to explore of the three countries: Slovakia, Turkey and France.

To begin, Anna introduced Slovakia.

After this introduction about Slovakia, the public could admire a Slovak traditional dance.

The Slovak show continued with Klaudia who talked about the Manor-House of Betliar and its legend.

After some technical problems as in Turkey, Martin introduced Domica cave.

After him Filip talked about Krásna Hôrka castle and its legends : the legend of Bebek and the legend of Zsófia Serédy.

To finish, Aneta-Mária introduced Spišská Belá and Strážky.


Then, it was Barbora's turn to give information about Gombasek cave.


To finish their performance, Slovak students sang accompanied by three guitar players who were: Martina, Lívia and Jerguš.

After this first part of the Conference, the trip continued and our three travelers arrived in Turkey and so, it was the Turkish students' turn with Çiçek and Mert to introduce their country.

Then, Mert gave the public some information about the journey to Turkey 2010. After the video, the four Turkish students Çiçek, Rozerin, Mert and Baver performed an original play to relate a Turkish legend entitled Zembilfroş (the basket seller).

To finish, the Turkish students showed the public a little film about all the Turkish students who participated in this project. And finally, they finished their performance with a Turkish traditional dance and typical costumes.

The Turkish team, with: Mr Sekan ŞIMŞEK, Rozerin, Ms Fatime Havin BARAN, Çiçek, Mert and Baver.

After this stop in Turkey, our three travelers continued their trip, they wanted to arrive to Provence but there was a slight problem, they arrived in Paris where Raphaëlle introduced France.

Then, Adélie, Elodie, Estelle, Raphaëlle and Thibault performed a hectic version of the legend of St Martha during which Marie and Mia had to hold the sheet. Raphaëlle was perfect at pretending to put an end to this "organized" mess... The "real" French performance could begin.

First of all Julien gave some details about Toulon harbour. After, it was Elodie's turn to talk about Lourmarin castle and especially about the Couloubre.

Mia continued and presented Villecroze and its beautiful cave.
After, Estelle gave some information about Entrecasteaux and its castle which is still lived in.

Then, it was Julie's turn to talk about Cotignac and troglodyte caves.

After, Marie introduced the cave of La Foux which Slovak, Turkish and French students had just explored.

Then, Arnaud, dressed like a Saint, came to give information about Evenos castle where Slovak, Turkish and French students danced and sang during the week in France. And after this presentation about, Evenos, Adélie, Julie, Marie, Mia, Thibault, Julien and Arnaud performed the legend of St Martin who banished the Devil who was in Evenos.

After this little play, Thibault introduced Tarascon and its beautiful medieval castle.

And to finish this little trip in France, Adélie talked about the Saint Baume cave and the story of Marie-Magdalene.

Before leaving the stage, all the French sang a song they had composed for the occasion and after invited their Slovak and Turkish friends to sing with them.

The French team with: Marie, Mrs Crystel LEREY, Mia, Estelle, Raphaëlle, Julien, Thibault, Julie, Elodie, Adélie, Arnaud.
But the Conference wasn't finished; all the partners of the project could go to the buffet which was prepared by parents. (Thank you!!!)

Adélie and Lenka

Barbora, Soňia, Lenka, Livia, Dominika, Martina, Anna and Zuzana

Çiçek, Jerguš and Rozerin

While students and parents took photos together, the three English teachers: Mrs Fatime Havin BARAN, Mrs Andrea KOZUBÍKOVÁ and Mrs Crystel LEREY were interviewed by TV Poprad as well as Zuzana, Mert and Arnaud.

After this little break, it was time for France, Turkey and Slovakia to present their works about the project: the website, the dictionary and the DVD. And finally, the Conference ended with the exchange of presents and diplomas.