Once upon Europe...

Once upon Europe five fairies happening to be teachers, strange teachers, wanted to attend a vocational course in a strange country to practice a strange language... English. Three came from France, one from Slovakia and one from Turkey.
So they set off for Shrewsbury, the city where their training was to take place. They were very busy learning new skills....

... and also plotting on how to use all these new techniques...

One night a ghost appeared and whispered to these teachers : "Make an exchange programme, take your magic wand, and turn your pupils into real English speakers." The weak teachers let this ghost take control of their minds. They didn't know why. They didn't know why but they couldn't resist and this idea remained in their minds.

Three months passed.
One day the Slovak teacher heard a voice. "We should make an exchange", it was a soft and secret voice. She was a bit scared; she had already heard this sentence. She was lost. So she called the other teachers and said:
"I've heard the voice again!"
"What's the matter?" They asked.
"We should make an exchange" she answered "immediately"... And off they went!

One year passed.
They all were in Slovakia: the Turkish, the French and of course the Slovaks. When suddenly...